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John Rearick


Height: 6'1"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Location: New York, NY

Willing to travel

Alt Headshot.jpg

Chamber Music                  Man in White           John Desotelle- Nuance Theater

Hamlet                                 Player Queen          John Desotelle - Nuance Theater
The Video Games               Paragon Shepard   Jared Pixler – Elektra Theater
The Evils of Tobacco          Nyukhin                   Jude Feingold – Nuance Theater
Diary of the Secret Wife    Matt                         Walter D. Shields – Philly Urban Festival
Our Town                            George Gibbs          Deb Braak – Forge Theater


Brotherhood of Silver           Edward Fisk              Rollo Robertson – Rollo Robertson Productions
Partisans                                 Daniel Patterson     Daniel Mooney – Tin Machine Films
The Whispers in the Walls    Brian                         Isaac Ruth – Truly Brave Films

Claudia                                     John                          Walker Morgan

Training & Workshops

John Desotelle Studio

       Meisner Year 1 and 2
Janice Orlandi

       Williamson Movement Technique

Christopher Tramantana


Anthony Robert Grasso

         On Camera Technique




Stage Combat

Singing, Baritone

Soccer, Goalkeeper

Impediments (Blind, deaf, etc.)

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